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The Tilly Jane A-Frame is an ideal getaway for individuals, groups and families who enjoy the great outdoors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The facility is one of the oldest structures on Mt. Hood and is a popular cabin used by winter recreationists. Peak season for use of the cabin is usually November through June.. It provides access to scenic terrain, specifically hiking, snowshoeing and backcountry skiing activities. During the summer months (usually July-September) the A-Frame is easily accessed by taking a short quarter mile walk through the Tilly Jane Campground. During the winter months ( October-June), it serves as a winter retreat for persons hardy enough to make the effort to get to the cabin from the Tilly Jane Sno-Park. Winter conditions often exist for nine months of the year. Visitors can ski to the cabin following a 9 mile gently sloping road or climb the historic Tilly Jane ski trail which is roughly 2.7 miles, with an elevation gain of 1,900 feet. Skis or snowshoes are highly recommended! Guests are responsible for their own travel arrangements and safety. Backcountry travel experience is highly recommended. The cabin is locked: if you do NOT find the lock code combination within the Security Alerts Section of your confirmation notification, please e-mail [email protected] to report this issue and obtain the lock code for valid reservations. This is the Tilly Jane A-Frame, NOT the Tilly Jane Guard Station The A-frame has a capacity of 20 people per night. The A-frame often has occupants from several different groups staying in the structure at the same time. If a reservation is made for two people for a single night, guests could potentially be sharing the cabin with 18 others from multiple different groups. No dogs are allowed Drinking water is NOT available; in winter — melt snow or access water via Tilly Creek. In summer — bring your own or filter water via Tilly Creek Guests must walk a quarter mile to the facility in summer In winter, guest access is via the 9-mile gently sloping road or hiking the Tilly Jane Trail, a 2.7 mile hike with a 1,900 feet elevation gain. Both are good runs for moderate skiers. The Cloud Cap road access gate (road 3512) is typically closed through June or later. Please check the Forest Service Roads Condition page or contact the Hood River Ranger District for up to date information on road conditions. Be prepared for extreme winter weather conditions; guests should be experienced in back country travel and survival skills. A snow park permit is required to park at Tilly Jane Sno-Park. These can be purchased at the Hood River Ranger Station or at many other locations in the Columbia Gorge Area. Click Here for more details There is no electricity or sewer hookups at this facility While at the A-Frame, please carry your confirmation letter, it contains the door lock code and can be used to resolve any reservation disputes Between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. daily, the facility is available for day use if overnight guests are present and the cabin is open: A $1 dollar fee is required for use of the facility. This supports necessary maintenance and firewood expenses and should be deposited in the fee box to the right of the sign board. Learn more about Mt Hood National Forest For additional information visit the Oregon Nordic Club-PDX chapter site . They manage the day to day operations of the cabin. Under the Tilly Jane drop down menu you’ll find answers to common questions and other useful information that will help make your stay more enjoyable. Don’t Move Firewood: Please protect Pacific Northwest forests by preventing the spread of invasive species. Firewood can carry insects and diseases that can threaten the health of our western forests. You can make a difference by obtaining and burning your firewood near your camping destination. Visit Dontmovefirewood.org for further information.


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