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How Do They Find Camp-California?

Our users are campers … they are looking for places to camp while they enjoy California. They participate in organic searches thru Google or Yahoo, using key words like “campgrounds in california;” “california camping;” “california campgrounds;” “rv parks california.” These terms all lead to in top-ranked positions.

200,000 annual copies of the Camper’s Guide to California are in the hands of California campers and another 10,000+ digital copies are downloaded each year

Focus & Credibility

Whether your focus is visiting Europeans, wine tasters, tenters, beer drinkers, fishermen, class-A owners, golfers, campfire makers or marshmallow-roasters, etc., will prove to be effective since this is their primary resource to experience California. So, whomever your audience is, you’ll reach them here.

Our motivation is to provide information that is relevant and accurate to campers, inspiration along with satisfaction and peace that a vacation plan is secure.


As the official camping guide & website for California, editorial content is driving California’s camping consumers to businesses.

Camp-California! publications provide inspiration to campers and are a smart place to promote your content.  Inspiration is key.  Whether the topic is about exploring California’s iconic coastline, historical landmarks, natural beauty, charming towns, or major cities, the goal is to inspire campers to enjoy the outdoors.  Your sponsored editorial content can draw campers to your destination, activity or business. Demographics

  • 1 million page views a year
  • 84% of visitors are from organic searches
  • 50% of visitors are looking for a California campground
  • 40% of visitors are exploring things to see and do while traveling California
  • 21-30: 10.9%
  • 31-40: 24.5%
  • 41-50: 26.3%
  • 51-60: 24.8%
  • 61-70: 9.9%
Household Income:
  • Less than $50K: 18.3%
  • $50K-$75K: 23.6%
  • $75K+-$100K: 27.8%
  • $100K+-$150K: 17.5%
  • $150K+: 12.8%

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