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Short Creek Guard Station is a great place to stay to enjoy the nearby Monument Rock and Strawberry Mountain wilderness areas, as well as the North Fork of the Malheur Scenic River. The cabin offers access to a variety of recreational activities, including hiking, hunting, fishing and viewing wildlife. The cabin provides all the comforts of a home, including drinking water during the summer months. Guests are responsible for their own travel arrangements and safety, and must bring several of their own amenities. There is a locked gate at Short Creek Guard Station which is secured with a combination lock. The combination is provided in the customer confirmation email. Drinking water and the flush toilet are available only during warmer months; water will be shut off from early October until late May (specific dates depend on area temperatures to prevent freezing the lines) Bears may frequent the area; use appropriate containers for food and garbage ( learn more about bear safety ) Guests may encounter cattle near the facility Water taken from any outdoor source should be boiled or treated prior to consumption The cabin remains locked; a combination code will be contained in the reservation confirmation letter Guests should contact the Ranger Station before arrival to confirm that road closures or weather conditions won’t affect a visit Learn more about the The Malheaur National Forest Don’t Move Firewood: Please protect Pacific Northwest forests by preventing the spread of invasive species. Firewood can carry insects and diseases that can threaten the health of our western forests. You can make a difference by obtaining and burning your firewood near your camping destination. Visit for further information.


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