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Peavy Cabin was built in 1934 by Dr. George Wilcox Peavy, Dean of the School of Forestry at Oregon Agricultural College (later Oregon State University). The facility was used as his outdoor laboratory to instruct forestry students. The cabin was then turned over to the Forest Service and used as a guard station. Several restoration projects have kept the integrity and charm of this historic structure, which is now recorded in the Heritage Resource Inventory as a historic site. This cabin is available from July 1 until October 31 and is accessible via an unpaved road. High clearance and 4-wheel drive vehicles are recommended. Guests must bring some of their own supplies; however, Peavy Cabin does offers few modern conveniences to make for a comfortable stay. Entry to the cabin is by combination lock; call (541) 523-6391 two weeks prior to arrival to confirm the combination Arrival time is 1:00 p.m.; departure time is 11:00 a.m. Guests need to supply their own drinking water No smoking inside of the cabin Cabin stay duration is limited to 7 days. Pets are welcome but must remain outside Hay brought in must be certified weed free Out-of-state horses must have a current Coggins test Click here for more information about Wallowa-Whitman National Forest Don’t Move Firewood: Please protect Pacific Northwest forests by preventing the spread of invasive species. Firewood can carry insects and diseases that can threaten the health of our western forests. You can make a difference by obtaining and burning your firewood near your camping destination. Visit for further information.


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