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The Mountain Home Guard Station sits in a cluster of firs, pines and Giant Sequoia in the Sequoia National Monument in the Sequoia National Forest at an elevation of 6,000 feet. The cabin is a two-hour drive from Bakersfield, California. The Guard Station was built in the early 1930’s by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCCs) as a residence for Forest Service fire patrolmen stationed in the area. The exterior is constructed of redwood board over diagonal sheeting nailed to a standard wooden frame. The cabin still has many original features, including kitchen cabinets and wood floors. The cabin offers many amenities, including water and propane-powered appliances, but it does not have electricity; guests must bring their own flashlights and lamps. The nearest store is one hour away, in Springsville, so guests must plan accordingly for their stay. Guests should bring flashlights and/or lanterns for lighting; sleeping bags or bedding and pillows, bath towels and personal items. There are no condiments or food items provided, guests should plan to bring all food items. Guests need to be prepared for a wide variety of weather, including warm afternoons, chilly nights and afternoon thunderstorms. Guests should contact confirm the cabin’s lock combination by calling 559-539-3004. Guests should contact the Ranger District before arrival to confirm that there are no conditions, such as fire or weather, that might affect their visit. Guests must bring trash bags and pack out all trash. There is no smoking permitted in the cabin. Guests must clean the cabin before their departure. This is bear country, guests should take precautions. Fire restrictions may be imposed at any time due to hot, dry weather conditions, at which time campfires and charcoal fires may not be allowed. For current fire conditions or weather closures contact the Kern River Ranger District (760) 376-3781.

Don’t Move Firewood: Protect California’s forests from tree-killing pests by buying your firewood locally and burning it on-site. For more information visit


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Mountain Home Guard Station Cabin


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