Explore California – Many Camping Destinations!

Explore California’s many diverse regions and experience all that California has to offer!

Many sections of this website are organized by region. This map will give you a rough idea of what region to search in if you have a destination in mind.

If you’re not sure which region a particular town falls into then use the keyword search tool to find information. For instance if you would like information on Ventura, but are not sure whether it falls into the Central Coast or Los Angeles region, simply type “Ventura” in the keyword search box near the top of the page.

To fully experience California, be sure to visit all of her regions!

California’s Central Coast runs from Ventura County, north of Los Angeles to Santa Clara County, to south of San Francisco.

Central Coast

The Central Valley is a large region that spans the heart of California from Corning and Chico in the north to Bakersfield in the South.

Central Valley

On the western edge of the central valley is one of the few inverted river deltas in the world and one of the only seven large delta systems on the globe.


California’s desert runs from Deep Springs south to the Mexican border, and west from the Arizona border to Palm Springs and the town of Mojave.


Running from Downieville in the north to the Millertown Lake in the South, Gold Country is nestled between the Central Valley and the High Sierra.

Gold Country

The High Sierra region runs from Lake Almanor in the north, down to Tehachapi in the south, from the Nevada border west to the Gold Country.

High Sierra

The Inland Empire, tucked between Los Angeles to the west and the Deserts to the east, is often referred to as the Riverside-San Bernardino area.

Inland Empire

The OC is the heart and soul of Southern California, and the LA area offers many activities that the question is not what to do, but where to begin.

Los Angeles / Orange County

This region hugs the coast in the northern portion of the state, extending from Smith River in the north, to Napa in the south.

North Coast

Bordered by Orange County and the Inland Empire in the north, the Mexican border in the south, with the Pacific Ocean to the west and deserts to the east.

San Diego

Encompasses the area from Marin County in the north to the city of Gilroy in the south, and from the Pacific Ocean on the west to the Central Valley in the east.

San Francisco Bay

Bordered by Oregon and Nevada, this area extends to the North Coast region and continues south to the Central Valley and High Sierra regions.

Shasta / Cascade / Trinity

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