High Sierra California Visitor Information

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Come witness a brief moment in the ancient battle between the earth shaping forces of creation and destruction.

Nestled within Lassen’s peaceful mountain forests you will find that hissing fumaroles and boiling mud pots still shape and change the land.

Lassen Volcanic National Park provides a wealth of fun activities that are as varied as the seasons of the park. Due to the high elevation and influence of the Pacific Ocean, the park receives upwards of 40 feet of snow per year. Your access to the interior of the park is dependent upon the winter’s total snowfall which influences the spring/summer road opening dates.

  • Entrance Fees (Admission for 7 days)
    Motor vehicle – $10
    Individual (Foot, bicycle, motorcycle) – $5 per person

Lassen Volcanic National Park is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Road access in the park is restricted due to snow coverage fall through late spring. Check their website to view the current status of the main access road.


Lassen Volcanic National Park is located in Northeastern California. There are five separate entrances to the park, and one Main Park Road which runs North-South through the park. The Main Park Road runs between the Northwest (Manzanita Lake) park entrance and the Southwest park entrance. Dead-end roads provide access to Butte Lake, Juniper Lake, and Warner Valley areas.

Northwest Entrance:
From Redding, California: The Northwest entrance is approximately 50 miles east on Highway 44.
From Reno, Nevada: The Northwest is approximately 180 miles west via 395 and Highway 44.

Southwest Entrance:
From Red Bluff, California: The Southwest entrance is approximately 45 miles east on Highway 36.
From Reno, Nevada: The Southwest entrance is 160 miles west of Reno, Nevada via 395 and Highway 36.

Butte Lake:
Access to the Butte Lake area is via a dirt road off Hwy 44 east of Old Station.

Juniper Lake:
Access to Juniper Lake is via a partially paved road north of Chester off Hwy 36.

Warner Valley:
Access to Warner Valley is via a partially paved road north of Chester off Hwy 36. Follow the signs to Drakesbad Guest Ranch.

(530) 595-4480 or (530) 595-4444

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Camp-California is concerned about the health and safety of our campers and adventurers. While camping and outdoor activities do offer the ability to self-isolate, we are encouraging all California residents and travelers to shelter in place until further notice. We recognize that getting outdoors is what you do best, and we will be here to reacquaint you with nature once we're cleared for adventure again!


Most private parks are open with 14-day minimums. If you are a full-time RVer looking to shelter in place, a member of the traveling medical profession, or a utility worker looking for a park please call our office and we can connect you with an appropriate location.