California North Coast Visitor Information

Humboldt County

The 300-foot-tall redwoods tower overhead when you drive the 31-mile stretch of Highway 1 called the Avenue of the Giants. The trees within Humboldt Redwoods State park are part of the largest remaining forest of virgin redwood trees in the world. Head west to Rockefeller Forest to see the tallest tree. At Meyers Flat, you can pass through the Drive-Thru-Tree.

Continue up Highway 101 to see the ornate Victorian homes of Ferndale, called the ‘Butterfat Palaces of Cream City,’ reflecting the town’s early dairy wealth. Farther north, you’ll find more Victorian structures in Eureka. Tour Humboldt Bay by boat, then shop and dine in Old Town.

To the north, Arcata’s town square is big on sophisticated shops and restaurants. Try freshly caught fish in the harbor town of Trinidad on the scenic Bay.

Between Orick and Crescent City are the world’s tallest trees-preserved in Redwood Nat’l Park. These trees grow as tall as a 36-story building. Patrick’s Point State Park provides a splendid ocean view.

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Top Attractions in the North Coast Area

Avenue of the Giants
Carson Falls Hike
Hike & Climb in Bodega Bay
Napa Valley Wine Train, Napa
Petrified Forest, Calistoga
Redwoods National Park, Crescent City
Roosevelt Elk, Orick
Safari West, Santa Rosa
Salmon Spawning Tours, Redwood Nat’l Park
Samoa Cookhouse, Eureka
Six Rivers National Forest
Sonoma County Farm Trails
Trees of Mystery, Klamath
Victorian Homes in Ferndale

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