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Planning Tips

  • Packing Lists – This list will give you a start on your basic packing. Other more specific types of checklists you may want to create:
    • Trip Meal Plans & Food Supply Checklist
    • Cooking Gear/Camp Kitchen Checklist
    • Activities Gear Checklists
    • Personal Gear Checklist
    • Pet Needs Checklist
    • Medications Checklist
    • Camp Safety/First Aid Gear Checklist
    • Remote Area Survival Gear Checklist
  • Campfire Cooking and Camping Menu Tips & Guides – Campfire cooking is usually one of the main attractions of an outdoor camping trip that everyone enjoys, but carrying heavy boxes and coolers of food for your camp meals into and out of camp is one of the least fun jobs of the whole camping trip. Experienced camp cooks know that they miss many of the outdoor camping experiences they came for because they are busy preparing and cooking campfire meals. Some advance planning and some strategic packing techniques can go a long way to save time, weight and bulk, and get out of the camp kitchen quicker. Camping with Gus has some great packing tips and menu suggestions too!

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