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Camping cabins (or otherwise known as Kamping Kabins at KOAs) – are typically one room with either 4 bunk beds or one full/queen bed or combination. Some are outfitted with electricity. Each has a small porch for enjoying time outdoors. Camping cabins are great economical choices for families.

They’re part of a larger demographic trend, suggest industry experts: “Mom’s working; the kids are engaged in school activities that extend far into the summer. Most families can’t take that two-week vacation anymore. Traveling within a day’s drive of home and staying in one of these units is sort of the new wave of camping.”

That’s certainly true at California campgrounds, which offer cabins — some complete with flat-screen TVs, DVD players and six-foot front porches. “These are not the folks who pull in in a million-dollar motorcoach, set up camp and never come outside,” said one owner. “They’re kayakers and canoers — boomers, Gen-Xers and beyond.”

Younger people too are enjoying the park trailer options. They expect more; a bathroom and pillow-top mattresses. They want to enjoy the outdoors, but also want a comfortable experience.

One dad, who spent the Memorial Day weekend with his wife and two other couples, would probably agree. By day, they kayaked on a local river; come evening, they cooked communal meals and enjoyed the cabin’s amenities, not to mention the fact that they didn’t have to sleep on the ground or squeeze into an RV. “We used to have a pop-up camper, but it was old and used and we just didn’t like it that much. And we’re a little past the camping in a tent phase. We’ve all had the adventures of being out in the boonies. This is a nice way to go.”

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