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Going Full-Time

Emotional Aspects Of Making The RV Dream Transition

We found an excellent article by RV-Dreams.com. It’s a must-read on the less often discussed surprises in store once you make the decision to Go Full-Time. The experience isn’t the same for everyone but, “Be prepared for lots of ups and downs as you get ready for your new life” Their purpose is to simply make one aware of emotions you may expect to experience. They cover:

  • Leaving family & friends
  • Leaving a community
  • Selling your home
  • Getting rid of possessions
  • Leaving a traditional way of life

Telling friends and family about your plans can be tough. The sadness of leaving a community and routine behind may be more unexpected when you realize the importance to you of your community.  Parting with “stuff” to prioritize limited space can be both traumatic and liberating. Read the article here

Realities of Living an RVing Nomadic Lifestyle

Another favorite Blog is found at Technomadia.com. They are Technomads (Technology Enabled Nomads) – Full-timers “exploring the intersection of mobility, tech, career, community and serendipity.” Check out their great App reviews for RVing Travel here

They recently blogged a live video chat – The Realities of a RVing Nomadic Lifestyle. The video is 1½ hours long and getting high praise. Here’s a brief outline of the topics they hit on in the video:

There tends to be two assumptions out there.. RVing is super expensive, or it’s super cheap. Pace & Kyeli’s short experiment has an average campground + fuel cost (what we consider ‘rent’) of $1400/month. Compare that to our average last year of $741/month. Yes, there are ways to reduce your nightly campground fees, including lots of ‘free’ options – but they all have trade-offs. Know the realities and what is realistic for you.

RVing means the freedom to go whereever you want, right? There are trade offs here too. Distance, weather and RV parking options can have a huge influence on the reality of where you’ll find it’s realistic to go.

RV Choice
There is no perfect RV setup, and there are trade-offs for everything (noticing a theme here yet?). We talk about finding your own unique balance between living space, agility and suiting your RV to your style of traveling.

Balancing Life
There are a lot of adjustments to switching to a life on the road, especially if you are (like us) needing to juggle a career in there. This isn’t an extended vacation, daily life has to happen too. We share some of the things we’ve learned about finding our balance between mobility and still having a fulfilling life that integrates in career, family, community, clean dishes and worshipping the cat.

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Most private parks are open with 14-day minimums. If you are a full-time RVer looking to shelter in place, a member of the traveling medical profession, or a utility worker looking for a park please call our office and we can connect you with an appropriate location.