Glamping Camping Style

“Glamping” adds luxury to the traditional camping experience

As the economy continues to struggle, camping has re-emerged as a desirable way to vacation with family and friends on a tight budget. For those who are looking for an affordable and exciting vacation, but are feeling unsure about giving up creature comforts and getting in touch with nature, there is “glamping.”

“Glamping,” or “glamorous camping” is a new camping trend that takes some of the “roughness” out of roughing it. For new campers, or families, “glamping” is an excellent compromise between traditional camping and staying in a hotel.

“Glamping” means the latest gear.
If you’re new to camping and think “glamping” might be the way to ease yourself in to the hobby, you can rent most of the gear you need to be comfortable at They provide everything from tents, sleeping bags and air mattresses, to cookware and equipment, to GPS gadgets and portable “star finders” for astrology buffs. After you’ve selected the items you’d like to rent online, Lower Gear will ship your items by UPS to a shipment center near you, or your intended vacation location.

“Glamping” means good food.
Is the thought of eating cold hot dogs, PB&J sandwiches and potato chips for the duration of your vacation a deterrent? “Glamping” means that you can enjoy an outdoor vacation without compromising your palate. RV Cooking Show specializes in pulling off on-the-road culinary feats. They regularly post recipes and videos for meals you can make on the go, including: Lemon Caper Rockfish, Fall Apart Pot Road, Grilled Panini Burgers, or Hot Fudge.

If you aren’t in an RV, or your rig doesn’t have a kitchen, there are many tools you can equip yourself with to ensure a gourmet meal during your trip. For example, a solar cooking oven from Coleman or a “Camp Chef All-Terrain Aluminum Sport Stove” could meet your needs. Both are available at

“Glamping” means great amenities.
Many RV parks and campgrounds in California provide a variety of amenities that are conducive to “glamping.” In some cases, this is as simple as providing access to electricity, flush toilets and hot showers. Other RV Park and Campground locations, however, have gone above and beyond the needs of your average camper and provide amenities that are more resort-like.

For example, Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort and Marina in Newport Beach has lush waterfront grounds that include a secluded beach and a waveless swimming lagoon. The location also sports two restaurants, a market place, pool and spa. The activities one can partake in are endless and include: kayaking, biking, golfing and even guided nature tours – by Segway.

El Capitan Canyon Campground Resort, only a 20 minute drive from Santa Barbara, offers luxurious “Safari Cabins.” This location offers a camping experience that is more in keeping with a natural retreat. For the adventurous, there is the ropes course or guided horseback rides. Additionally, the location features regular outdoor concerts, spa and massage treatments and much more!  Glamping Girl, who blogs regularly about prime “glamping” locations and gadgets all over the world, recently featured El Capitan.

She further defined the unique offerings at this resort campground location, focusing on the accommodations. “Guests may choose from a tent furnished with either a queen bed or with two double beds.  All tents have screened windows and zip-down flaps, are supplied with bed linens and towels, furnished with bedside tables, chairs, a small desk, storage trunk and coat hooks.” Check out www.glamping for more product reviews and glamping ideas from all over the world.

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