From San Francisco to Yosemite Roundtrip


This trip starts in San Francisco. We pass through the historic “Gold Country” where gold was discovered in 1849 before arriving in Yosemite National Park. We then return to San Francisco.

Days 1 – 2

San Francisco
Campgrounds without Cabins
Campgrounds with Cabins

Days 3 – 4

Coloma and the Gold Country

Travel approximately 3 hours to the town of Coloma in California’s historic “Gold Country”where gold was discovered in 1849. In addition to taking a tour of James Marshall State Park you can go whitewater rafting or kayaking down the South Fork of the American River, take tours of gold mines and see the historic towns that are located along State Route 49.

Campgrounds with Cabins

Days 5 – 6


Spend your days in Yosemite National Park and discover the incomparable Yosemite Valley.

Campgrounds with Cabins

Day 7

Return to San Francisco

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