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Go Camping With Friends, Family, or Join An RV Club!

Have you tried RVing with a group? Simply ask some of your RV friends or family if they would like to join you? Many RV parks and campgrounds provide a club room with kitchen facilities, BBQ areas, and even picnic grounds to attract groups and clubs. Call in advance to make sure there are sites available and that you can be placed together in the park. Many parks offer a 10% discount if you have 10 or more rigs. Some parks charge for their club room, some don’t. Have some friends or family that you would like to include but they don’t have an RV? Many parks are installing lodges, cabins, cottages, teepees, or canvas sided tents. Here is a quick link for parks with club facilities and overnight accommodations.

Another option is to join an existing club. RVers and campers are some of the friendliest folks out there. This is a great opportunity to create new friendships that will last a lifetime. There are literally hundreds spread throughout California. There are clubs affiliated with local service organizations like the Elks or Rotary. Almost every RV brand has a club created to foster experiences of loyal users. The Good Sam Club, a national club of almost 1 million members, has local chapters everywhere. Check your local church, they often times have an RV club.

Maintaining lists of RV Clubs is a much tougher job than highlighting the benefits of belonging to a group. Most RV clubs are all coordinated by volunteers, so the contact information tends to change frequently. Check out some of the following clubs, and get started on making some life-long friends!

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Most private parks are open with 14-day minimums. If you are a full-time RVer looking to shelter in place, a member of the traveling medical profession, or a utility worker looking for a park please call our office and we can connect you with an appropriate location.