Family Camping Style


Storytelling, The Game

This is great for playing with families. The first person makes up a sentence. Then …
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Camping with Kids – The License Plate Game

For this game you will need a piece of paper and a pen. To make …
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Camping with Kids – The Alphabet Game

There are many variations to this, choose the best one for all participants. As suggested …
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Camping with Kids – Scavenger Hunt in a Car

You can do a little research before you leave or just choose items that can …
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Camping with Kids – Name That Tune

Hum or sing certain words to your favorite songs. The person who identifies the most …
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Camping with Kids – I Spy

I Spy (or I’m thinking of) I’m sure everyone at some point has played I …
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Camping with Kids – Family Crosswords

We received a giant, I mean like 500 puzzles, Crossword book for Christmas last year. …
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Resources to Get Kids Outdoors!

Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights – A list on the California State Parks website, with …
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Family Camping Tips

Camping with kids is great family fun. We are all kids at heart when it’s …
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Family Camping Resources

Camping with kids can sometimes be hard work.  We’ll try and make it as easy …
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Can Camping Help Cure Obesity & Depression?

Obesity, Depression and ADHD Are Linked to Fewer Hours Outdoors Yesteryear: I don’t know about …
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14 Fun Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids and Adults

Winter in California can be anything you want it to be. From snow studded mountains …
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Camp-California is concerned about the health and safety of our campers and adventurers. While camping and outdoor activities do offer the ability to self-isolate, we are encouraging all California residents and travelers to shelter in place until further notice. We recognize that getting outdoors is what you do best, and we will be here to reacquaint you with nature once we're cleared for adventure again!


Most private parks are open with 14-day minimums. If you are a full-time RVer looking to shelter in place, a member of the traveling medical profession, or a utility worker looking for a park please call our office and we can connect you with an appropriate location.