California’s wonderful year-round weather is as good for our wine as it is for our visitors.

Wine Tasting

California’s wonderful year-round weather is as good for our wine as it is for our visitors. Many of us Californian’s have enjoyed wine for years in the comfort of our homes or at our favorite restaurants. However, California provides the unique ability for us to go directly to the source.

Wine tourism is one of the best ways to learn about the people, culture, heritage, and customs of a specific region. Getting out and visiting wine producers provides contact with local farmers and artisans who care deeply about the area. Wine growers are farmers, and their perspective on the local area, and life in general, tends to be different from other locals typically encountered while traveling. But spending several days visiting the area, chatting with the wine makers and growers, and eating the local cuisine (which has evolved together with the wine for the two to perfectly complement each other) will provide an exceptional context for the wine and give deep insight into why and how the wine turned out the way it did…all the while visiting some of the most spectacular scenery California has to offer.

  • North Coast
  • Central Coast
  • Sierra Foothills
  • Inland Valleys
  • Southern California
  • Far North Coast
  • Shasta Cascade

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Meet the Grapes – So much diversity in terroir means there’s a perfect place to grow nearly every kind of grape. In fact, you’ll find more than 100 varieties across the state, giving our winemakers the latitude to create complex varietals and unique, expressive blends. Explore different varietals at California Wine Institute.

Wine 101 – The Wine Institue will make your way around the California wine world much easier when you know the basics.

Wine & Food – Check out these great pairings at California’s Wine Institute.

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Top Wine Tasting Attractions

California Dreamin’ Hot Air Balloon Rides, Temecula
Napa Valley Wine Train, Napa
Wine Tasting, Santa Barbara County

Wine Tasting Activities

Central Coast Wine Region

Central Coast – San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge rises to greet you at the top …
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Discover California’s Most Precious Resources: Gold, and Great Reds

There’s gold in the foothills, but these days, it’s red. Zinfandel, planted not long after …
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Far North Coast Wine Region

Far North Coast – There’s no shortage of beauty as you approach California’s northern border, with …
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Inland Valley Wine Region

Inland Valleys – Our state’s sunny inland valleys are great for grapes. But that isn’t all …
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Lodi Wine Tasting

Located directly east of San Francisco at the edge of the Sacramento River Delta, the …
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More than a dozen wine tasting rooms in walking distance!

Lined with trees, a quiet stroll down Downtown Murphys Main Street is a perfect way …
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Shasta Cascade Wineries

A unique character of the grape growers in our Northern California area is who the …
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Sierra Foothill Wine Region

Sierra Foothills – Beautiful scenery pairs well with a glass of wine. Famous attractions like Yosemite …
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Southern California Wine Region

Southern California – Picture Malibu, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, and this is exactly …
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