Camp California! The Guide for Camping and RVing in California

Camp-California Marketing creates first-ever, multi-media Camp-California! The Campers Guide to California.  Available for desktop computers and soon to be at the iTunes Store, this 21st century guide includes over 15 embedded videos, 500 hot links, table of contents quick links, Twitter feed, integrated social media sharing, customizable pdf generator, integrated advertiser index, along with search and print tools.  Click here to view the Guide or order a printed copy.

According to Debbie Sipe, Executive Director and CEO for CalARVC’s Camp-California Marketing, “As far as we know, this is the first, true multimedia camping guide with embedded video content.  We are excited to bring the full force of the digital age to our 39 year-old publication.”

Campers now have the option to carry the traditional printed version or switch to the digital version on their iPads or lap tops.  The camping guide is an annual publication with 200,000 printed copies available to consumers in January.

Digital proponents say that print is going away.  And while it is certainly on the decline, many RVers and campers still prefer a printed guide.  “Our camping guide is not going away,” says Sipe.  “What will change is how many are generated on traditional paper vs. how many are downloaded onto tablets and laptops.  It’s all dependent on the campers’ preferences.”

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