California’s Landmarks

California’s Landmarks

Landmarks California: the Places of Our Diverse Cultures and Histories is a statewide collaboration intended to raise awareness and appreciation for historic and cultural preservation through public activities at historic and cultural sites throughout the state. The program is intended to be an ongoing opportunity to help tell the untold stories of California’s development, thereby raising cultural and historical understanding throughout the state.

The Landmarks California program is intended to create a vehicle for increasing awareness and appreciation for cultural and historic resource preservation. This work has the potential to be even more important than the $122 million in CCHE-funded projects because it can create a changed mindset toward preservation that will have long-lasting, positive impacts on our state. These impacts include the economic revitalization that occurs when historic structures are adapted for a modern use and the increased cohesion of our state’s citizens resulting from greater understanding of each other. An added benefit of the program is the creation of a strong network among historic and cultural resource stewards which will remain long after the projects end.

The Landmarks California program is an excellent example of a private-public partnership designed to advance a common goal – to maintain and strengthen California’s cultural heritage.

To view some of the restoration projects click here.



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