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If you’ve lived in or near California for a few years, you more than likely have heard of the Mediterranean fruit fly that attacked our fruit orchards or the gypsy moth that defoliated trees or the African honeybees that are damaging our native honeybee hives. You have probably heard about the border inspection stations checking fruit coming into California or the pesticide spray delivered by helicopter in the middle of the night. Well….now our forests are under attack and you can help.

The Goldspotted Oak Borer is killing oaks in San Diego County and Sudden Oak Death is killing coastal oaks in fourteen counties. Both of these invasive pests can be spread through movement of infested firewood. Help stop the spread of these harmful pests and protect our forest by buying and burning firewood locally, leaving anything unused behind.

A multi-agency task force has been formed to help protect California’s forests. The California Firewood Task Force’s mission is to initiate and facilitate efforts within the state to protect our native and urban forests from invasive pests that can be moved on firewood.

To that end the Task Force has created resources for California campers:

Sudden Oak Death in California’s Coastal Oaks

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