Save Our Water

Ways You Can Save

SOW logo with CA dont waste taglineWater is a critical part of California's way of life. Our economy, our environment and our day-to-day lifestyle need water to flourish. But our water is limited – especially during this historic drought. The lack of rain and snow this winter means we have to stretch the water that we do have.

All businesses in California are required to reduce their water use by 25-30% or face significant fines. Park owners will be faced with the choice of absorbing the cost or raising rates. Neither option is optimal. However, the good's easy to help save! There are lots of simple ways to reduce the amount of water that we use.

Save at Your Campsite

  • Make sure that the water connections between your RV and the water faucet hookup are not leaking. Check both sides, at the faucet and at the RV. If you have a leak, try tightening the connection. If that doesn't work, try a new washer in your hose. If that doesn't work, the threads in your hose could be bent. In that case you may need to replace your hose.
  • Don't wash car, RV or boat.
  • At any time, do not allow any run off of water for any reason.
  • Notify management whenever leaks are spotted throughout the park.

Save In your RV

  • In the bathroom - Turn off the tap while shaving, brushing or lathering.
  • In the kitchen- whip up a batch of big water savings:
    • Order pizza delivery one night to save on dishes!
    • Plug up the sink or use a wash basin when washing dishes by hand.
    • Scrape that plate instead of rinsing it.
    • Keep a pitcher of drinking water in the refrigerator instead of letting the faucet run until the water is cool.
    • Thaw in the refrigerator overnight rather than using a running tap of hot water.
    • Trash food waste instead of using the garbage disposal.
    • Use any clean rinse water to irrigate lawns and trees.
  • Fix any internal sink, shower of toilet leaks.

Save in the Bathrooms

  • Please turn off the tap while
    • shaving
    • brushing your teeth
    • lathering up
  • Please trash your tissues instead of flushing them

Save in the Laundry Room

  • Even though dirty laundry space may be tight in an RV, only wash full loads.
  • Don't leave laundry sink water running while pre-rinsing clothes.

To learn more ways to save water visit California's