Camp California! The Guide for Camping and RVing in California

Reduce Your Energy Usage

Energy Saving

Baby, It's Cold Outside! That time of year you can take a few simple steps to save on electricity and propane for heating. Whenever possible, put down the blinds to keep the warmth in and to avoid losing heat across single-pane windows. Adjust your thermostat one degree cooler. Each degree Celsius less will save about 10% on your energy use! Check the caulking around your windows. They may be drafty due to cracked or missing caulking. Put a towel at the base of your door to keep cold air from coming in under the door. If your RV design allows, only heat the part of the RV you're living in at the time ... the living space during the day, and bedroom at night (if desired).

Information provided by Meaghan Bertram of Vineyard RV Park.