"Golden" Antiquing

Gold Country Antique Shopping

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"Antique shops are America's attics, spilling over with junk and treasures culled from garage sales and estate sales, from flea markets and derelict houses being razed in faraway cities, and from auctions everywhere. They are places where history and memory collide, where prizes hide in odd corners. A slow and careful browse might turn up a cigar box filled with World War II medals, an American Flyer sled, a beautiful silver cigarette case with the cryptic inscription: "Never forget . . . T.C.G. March 21, 1925." Old stories, old photos, old furniture. Old, old, old up to the rafters, heavily scented with nostalgia, background music by Benny Goodman. Travelers who revel in exploring California's back roads and the towns and villages along the way tend to know the basic steps to the Antiques Crawl. For some of these backcountry buffs, finding great deals on valuable antiques is the objective; the rest of us simply take pleasure in wandering through the repositories of the past."

Shirley Streshinsky, Via Magazine, October 2001

The towns & hamlets scattered along Highway 49 are an antique hunter's paradise. Take your time and explore the stores and the history along the way. Come back and visit often to discover the unique quirks and details about each "golden" destination.

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