Storytelling, The Game

StorytellingThis is great for playing with families. The first person makes up a sentence. Then next person has to make up another sentence, and so forth until a whole tale is spun. The crazier, the better; have a good laugh!

Camping with Kids – Family Crosswords

crosswordWe received a giant, I mean like 500 puzzles, Crossword book for Christmas last year.  It was given to us by our friends that we camp with on a regular basis.  They love Crosswords and thought they would share their passion.  I personally am terrible at Crosswords.  However, I don’t like games to win.  So, on a recent camping trip I asked my husband and kids for some help.  Our game quickly turned into a fun, vocabulary/current events lesson in which each of us learned something new and got to showcase our knowledge.  Now we make an effort to play at least one “family” Crossword game each time we go camping!

Camping with Kids - I Spy

i spyI Spy (or I'm thinking of)

I'm sure everyone at some point has played I spy. Look around in your vehicle and find an item. Begin by saying "I spy with my little eye" and then give a hint about the item you are looking at. The hint can be the color, size, etc. Keep giving hints until someone guesses it. Another variation that my family likes is I'm thinking of. We use this when in the car since there are not many items in the car. We will describe something from our house such as our cat or dog.

Camping with Kids - Scavenger Hunt in a Car

scavenger hunt in a carScavenger Hunt in a Car

You can do a little research before you leave or just choose items that can typically be found anywhere. Prepare a list for each person traveling and the first person to find all items or the person who has found the most items by the end of trip wins. Be sure to have items on your list for all areas of your trip. For example, you could have items such as caution lights, stop signs, schools, etc for metropolitan areas and cows, ponds, a red flower, etc for rural areas.