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Bluff Trail, Montana de Oro State Park

bluff trail

Montana de Oro offers some of California's finest ocean scenery. The popular Bluff Trail follows along the edge of a grassy terrace with outstanding views of the eroding cliffs below. The terrace has spectacular wildflower displays in spring and early summer. This is a very easy hike with lots to see. Gophers, rabbits, seagulls, and even rattlesnakes call the bluffs home. The parks name “mountain of gold” is fitting with so many golden wildflowers. The costal view from the trail was amazing and the rock formations below the bluffs will definitely intrigue you. Especially impressive is the heavy surf pounding the rocky promontories. The pocket beach at Quarry Cove has interesting tidal pools.

The tiny and very private cove in the photo, right, can be reached by a short but strenuous trail.

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