Camp-California! The Camper's Guide to California Wins ARVC's State Directory of the Year Award


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California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds 

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AUBURN, Calif., Dec. 10, 2015 — Camp-California! The Camper’s Guide to California won the State Directory of the Year Award from the National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds (ARVC). 


It was the eighth time in the past 11 years that the State Directory of the Year Award has gone to the California directory, which is produced by the California Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds (CalARVC). 


“We are honored and thrilled to receive this recognition because the competition gets tougher each year,” said Debbie Sipe, CalARVC’s executive director, after receiving the award at ARVC’s Outdoor Hospitality Convention & Expo in Daytona Beach, Fla. 


She said the award reflected the hard work of CalARVC staff and its publishing team, which includes Wolfgang Neuwirth of AMMG and Chad Becker of Becker 505. “They consistently help us produce the best campground directory in the country,” Sipe said.

Illustrated with high resolution photos of scenic locations, parks, people and activities, the Camp-California! guide lists nearly 700 public and privately owned campgrounds throughout The Golden State. Available in print and digital formats, it includes statewide and regional maps, color-coded sections for each region, as well as simple-to-view amenity grids that make it easy to compare parks in each region. Individual campground maps are also provided 


The directory also includes tourist information, such as listings of regional events and articles on things to see and do in each region of the state. Featured stories focus on Hollywood’s interest in vintage RVs, camping with clubs and a list of wine festivals. High resolution photography featuring people and activities is also used to illustrate the 


The digital version of the guide also fully integrated with, CalARVC’s travel planning website, and includes numerous imbedded videos as well as links that enable consumers to access additional articles and information on travel and destination topics of interest to them. 


The digital version of the guide also links every CalARVC member’s listing to their listing for expanded information. Advertisers can also embed “play” links to their YouTube and Vimeo videos. was written in HTML5 and is responsive in nature, so it can adapt to any kind of electronic device that is used to access the site, from iPhones and tablets to desktop computers. 


CalARVC printed 200,000 copies of the Camp-California! guide this year. The guides were distributed at all California Camping World locations, Bass Pro Super Stores, all 14 California Welcome Centers, the California RV Show, as well as through CalARVC member parks, RV dealers and service centers and through a variety of outdoor shows nationwide. 


An additional 10,262 digital copies have also been downloaded or accessed through desktop options, iTunes and Google Play, averaging nine page views and 1.3 links clicked every time the guide is accessed digitally. 


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