Road to Big Sur Reopens

Road to Big Sur Reopens ... from Carmel to Cambria

Highway 1 between Cambria and Carmel reopened on June 10 for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists for the first time since mid-March.

A series of landslides and a roadway slip-away had kept the All-American Byway closed at one spot or another since March 16, stranding visitors, residents and workers on two long cul-de-sacs for which the impassible mid-point kept switching locations.

Some slow-down areas remain along the 100-mile stretch of scenic highway, including at Rocky Creek at the north end of Big Sur, with a stoplight reversing one-way traffic. That was where part of the highway literally vanished into the sea, and permanent repairs there will be under way for some time.

Updated information can be found at various websites:
CalTrans:  Enter Hwy 1 and click search.
Big Sur Chamber of Commerce: