CA Prop 21 Worth Considering

Editor's Opinion: Proposition 21 Should Be Given Serious Consideration

California Proposition 21 provides for a vehicle tax of $18 (commercial vehicles exempt) that will go into a dedicated trust fund to finance California’s State Park System. In return, each California vehicle entering a State Park will receive waived Day Use fees. Camping, boat launching and other activities such as museum attendance will still have applicable fees.

A recent study by CSU Sacramento demonstrated that tourism revenues generated directly from visitors to our State Parks contributed more to California’s General Fund than the cost to fund the State Park System. In spite of this, services have been curtailed at some state parks. As demonstrated for decades, politicians cannot be relied upon to finance California’s State Park System.

While we do not support Ballot Box budgeting which takes a single minded view of financing a state program without looking at what is best for the entire state, the fact remains that California's State Parks need to be adequately funded. More info from the California State Park Foundation>

How will you vote on Prop 21? Will the concept of “Ballot Box Budgeting” cause you to vote no? Or in spite of our dysfunctional government will you vote to fund our State Park System? The choice is with each Californian.