Big Sur Survives Mudslides & Road Closures

Big Sur Survives Mudslides & Road Closures

We all know it’s been a wet winter here in California with record rain and snowfalls.   No one knows that more than the campgrounds in Big Sur.  Hwy 1, north and south, of Big Sur has had 3 different mudslides.  However, you can still make plans to camp in Big Sur this year.

Current conditions:  

Accessing Big Sur from the north on Hwy 1 – travel is open 24 hours a day with alternating one-way traffic about 5 miles south of Carmel.  There are no weight restrictions.

Accessing Big Sur from the south on Hwy 1 – The closure at Nacimiento-Fergusson Road was reopened shortly after the slide but closed back down in mid-April due to another slide.  The current closure is located 3.2 miles south of Gorda.  It is expected to reopen in mid-June.   The alternative route to Big Sur from the south: Highway 101 to Bradley, take County Road G18. Follow to Nacimiento-Fergusson Road to Highway 1. Then head north to Big Sur.
Updated information can be found at various websites:

CalTrans:  Enter Hwy 1 and click search.
Google Maps:   Search Hwy 1 closures, Big Sur.
Big Sur Chamber of Commerce:

Here’s a couple of YouTube videos related to the mudslides in Big Sur: